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Why the new emphasis on staff training

The thought of tomorrow will officially report for duty to the company, and Li Yang at heart felt extremely happy. The company is the industry's very powerful "new enterprise", he graduated from prestigious universities to the corporate network center first began his work life. Although his specialty is not computer-related, but marketing, but his great good time on the computer, or in the junior year, he began to help companies develop application programming and software systems. Thought in the final round of interviews, general manager of his appreciation, Li Yang, the certainty that tomorrow will be attracted to them these new college graduates to organize some "wonderful program", such as senior managers met with the congratulations of my colleagues welcome to the Ministry of Personnel of the company's detailed description of the circumstances and complete employee handbooks. Li Yang, some students have to work a half a month, many students are pleased to tell his own company, how enthusiastically accepted the "new man" ... ...

However, the first day to his disappointment.

He first came to the Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Personnel to confirm that Li Yang, the company has been on the phone to tell the network center manager Wang Li Yang came and took him to their jobs. After some time, manager Wang Chen was sent to his assistant, Chen politely held out his hand and said: "You are welcome to join our company! Mr.Wang a hurry can not come, I will arrange some of your things." to the network center, Chen pointed to a paper and office supplies piled the table and said to him: "Your predecessor resigned away few days ago, we have not had time to clear the table, sort it yourself first!"
Finished, Chen proceeded as busy again. To noon, Chen Li Yang to the restaurant with, tell him to do at some of their procedures to the relevant departments, leading a number of office supplies. In the dinner, Li Chen, where small number of cases about the company, lunch with some colleagues in the office, talked for a while, but he was disappointed the company did not do as he thought he was warmly received, attention he .

The next day, Mr.Wang see Li Yang, called him into his office began the task assigned him. When Mr.Wang After much talking, Li Yang was about to remind some of the ideas on their own to talk with him, a phone call came, Li had to return to their computers start thinking ahead to his work, his work is a network creation and maintenance. He knew that he needed to deal with a lot of people, but he did not know who is who, had their own open picture.

On the third day, Li was manager Wang "lesson" a few. Original, manager Wang Li Yang is to send a document to the upstairs of the Finance Department, Li sent later, it went on his own work. After a child, Manager Wang came up and asked him: "to finance it? Who take it?" Li Yang replied: "pay go, is a woman then, she told me there Well put . "Mr.Wang a look of displeasure and said:" to your work, you must report the results to me, you know? "Li Yang said although the lips" got it ", but his face was revealed dissatisfaction with the look. Manager Wang asked what his views, Li Yang is busy covering up said: "Manager Wang taught right, I hope you lot after the guidance!" Li Yang believes that too many of these details over, and their work completed on the line, is simply Manager Wang would like to show this is leading.

These few days, Li Yang, feel better is to think of two other colleagues for their pretty enthusiastic. A girl is their first two alumni, and the other boy is the sort of joke, pretty well to "create" an atmosphere of people. Li Yang They asked: "Can we always received new employees?" Alumni said to him, "the company is this style, the staff gradually adapt themselves gradually into the company." "The company's founder is Several engineering Dr. tricks they think too much is not much use, adaptation on the left, not suited to the leave. Many people left because of the company's pay is not bad! "the boy said to him.

On the weekends, Li about the students out to dinner, talking about his first week of work, Li and looking out at the bright sunshine, a steady stream of vehicles, loss and said: "awful!" ... ...

What is the new employee training and development?

As the case in Li Yang complained: "awful!" Many companies training and development for new staff to do poorly, as many people think: "do not report for work that is! Slowly, employees naturally will be familiar to all, to adapt to all! why the fanfare then what? "the beginning of this chapter, a new employee training and development from concept to explain the new staff training and development.

New employee training and development, also known as pre-job training, pre-vocational education, education into the plant, is an enterprise of the state's employees from an outsider into an enterprise's processes, the staff member from a group into another group process, employees become familiar with and adapt organizational environment and begin preliminary planning his career, positioning their role, began to play to their talents. Successful new employee training and development has gone deep into the employee's behavior and mental level, as opposed to job training for new staff training and development is the beginning of group interaction.

Workplace, employees often pre-education, but a shallow, about his company's culture, policies, procedures and the introduction of it, no amount of new employees, but is distributed to a number of manuals, or in the office with them factory floor or fly and to pocket the ring. In the article at the beginning of the case, the new employee training is considered unnecessary, so that my colleagues have become new employees "into the Secretary of education" subject.

For the graduates, just enter the workplace into the community, they are the same as a piece of paper, different corporate cultures will be a different color and images. Students from a school turned into business people, employees and business if you want to pursue a win-win, companies must pay attention to the new staff training, systematic planning of new employee training. Just graduated from technical colleges and schools, they will face a completely new and unfamiliar environment, and their behavior to the inner experiences and feelings will be some changes, large or small.

For those from another unit into the company's new employees, they want a kind of organizational culture into a different organizational culture. They worry about whether they adapt to new jobs, would be appreciated by their superiors, will get along with colleagues, their company's future prospects and so on.

Of the enterprises, new employees during the transition period first came to be a business enterprise in accordance with their own feelings and how to choose their own performance evaluation to determine whether they should seek the development of the company or as a springboard, and the company's corporate culture, management actions will affect new employees in work attitude, performance, interpersonal relationships.

What new employees will face the problem?

Study found that new employees enter the company will face the beginning of the following three typical problems:

* Groups will be accepted?
Everyone will have such feelings - into a new environment, will be accepted in this small group? Once there was a character of some of the girls within enterprises has just entered the beginning said to me: "In school, students say, work more difficult for people to get along, I saw a lot of magazine articles reflect the work of Interpersonal complex relationship. I am now very worried, do not know my colleagues will not like me, I will be others gossip, my private life would not be unduly interfere with other people.'ve heard, many students work at the beginning are as difficult to get along with my colleagues but for the work. I wish I could luck a little bit! "

Easy to see that only when the girl selling the above concerns completely smoke cloud dispersion, she can be in a happy mood to fully display her talents.

* The company will honor its promises?
Many enterprises in order to be able to attract the best talents in the recruitment pm to good promise, but once the employees into the company, giving rise to a false case, or requiring the employees of the conditions of too much given to employees too little. Guidelines relative to the staff, business history and objectives, the staff is more concerned about their wages, benefits, vacation, development prospects. Only their personal interests are protected, they can psychologically accept the corporate culture into the company's groups, or they would show the negative, even positive, they are also preparing to leave for work experience opportunity and quit.

* How the work environment like?
The working environment here, both said working conditions, location, including the company's relationships, work style. New environment is to attract new, or exclusion rookie? Colleagues will take the initiative to contact with new employees and told them the necessary working knowledge and experience? First job was guiding you? Whether they fully understand their responsibilities? In order to complete the work, they get the necessary equipment or working conditions? The problem is directly related to the evaluation of new employees and impressions of the business.

New employee training and development need

So that new employees get career information necessary to begin to adapt to organizational environment.

Through pre-employment training activities, new employees are familiar with the workplace, understand the rules and regulations and the promotion of enterprise, the standard salary increase, a clear organizational structure of enterprises and development goals, which will help new employees adapt to the new environment.

* Clear job responsibilities, operating procedures to adapt to new career and master certain operating skills, beginning competency.
Through the employee handbook, job descriptions, necessary visits and some skills training, new employees clear their tasks, responsibilities, lines of authority and reporting relationships, adapt to new working processes, the use of some of the work is no longer unfamiliar to help new employees begin to do the job.

* To establish a good relationship, gradually being accepted by certain groups to enhance staff awareness and team spirit.
Communication through participation in the primary game, teamwork courses, set up the new team of staff awareness, but also the old staff and new employees full access finance, mutual exchange, to form a good relationship.

* By a certain attitude and behavior change in integrated campaign to promote the new staff to change its role from an outsider into an enterprise of people.
New employees into the enterprise or from school or from another business to the enterprise, the professional understanding of the concept of leadership, professional life, "rules of the game" and have their own different interpretations. The enterprise's mission to be implemented, in order to make business operations and brand objectives are maintained, enterprises need to own the business philosophy and corporate culture into the conduct of staff and concepts of systems, which enable employees to be Ben's business Zhen Zheng "Corporate people."

* For the recruitment, selection and recruitment, career management and provide feedback.
Through job training, new employee recruitment and selection activities in the "create" the illusion will be exposed to the wrong person in charge or recruitment of cognitive and subjective bias will be confirmed, but new employees will fully demonstrate their overall image and enhance the business understanding of the staff, this will give recruitment, selection and career management information feedback.

New employee training should include the contents of the

In order to develop effective new employee training program, we first check whether your new employee training program content should be included.

* Company Overview
Effective training program for new employees should first comprehensive understanding of the staff, understanding of the company, reduce strangeness, increase intimacy and sense of mission. About both the physical and material conditions, such as work environment, work facilities, but also intangible, such as the company's business processes, business philosophy and so on. In general, the company profiles should include the following information:

1. In the workplace and facilities;
2. Corporate history, mission and vision;
3. Enterprise products, services and work processes;
4. Business customers and market competition status;
5. Corporate organizational structure and an important figure.

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鏂板憳宸ュ煿璁唴瀹规竻鍗?br />

琛?-2 鏂板憳宸ユ枃浠惰妫?煡娓呭崟
鈼?鏈夊叧鏈伐涓氥?鏈叕鍙告垨鏈亴宸ヤ綔鐨勯噸瑕佹蹇靛拰鏈锛?br />鈼?鏀跨瓥鎵嬪唽鍓湰锛?br />鈼?宸ヤ細鍚堝悓鍓湰锛?br />鈼?宸ヤ綔鐩爣鍙婅鏄庣殑鍓湰锛?br />鈼?鍏徃鍏紤鏃ヨ〃锛?br />鈼?灏忛浼樻儬琛紱
鈼?鍏朵粬琛ㄦ牸鍓湰(濡傚緛鐢ㄨˉ鍋垮拰璐圭敤鎶ラ攢) 锛?br />鈼?鍦ㄨ亴鍩硅鏈轰細琛紱
鈼?淇℃伅鏉ユ簮锛?br />鈼?澶勭悊绱ф?鎯呭喌鍜岄槻姝簨鏁呯殑璇︾粏姝ラ锛?br />鈼?閲嶈鐨勫叕鍙稿唴閮ㄥ垔鐗╃殑鍓湰鏍锋湰锛?br />鈼?閲嶈浜虹墿鍙婇儴闂ㄧ殑鐢佃瘽銆佷綇鍧?紱
鈼?淇濋櫓璁″垝鍓湰銆?br />
琛?-3 鍩硅閮ㄩ棬璐熻矗浜虹殑妫?煡娓呭崟

1. 娆㈣繋璇嶏紱
2. 鍏徃鐨勫垱涓氥?鎴愰暱銆佸彂灞曡秼鍔匡紱
3. 鐩爣銆佷紭鍔垮拰瀛樺湪鐨勯棶棰橈紱
4. 鍏徃鐨勪紶缁熴?涔犳儻銆佽鑼冨拰鏍囧噯锛?br />5. 鍏徃鐨勭壒娈婁娇鍛藉拰鍔熻兘锛?br />6. 浜у搧鍜屾湇鍔★紝涓昏鐢ㄦ埛鎯呭喌锛?br />7. 浜у搧鐢熶骇鍜屽鐢ㄦ埛鎻愪緵鏈嶅姟鐨勬柟寮忋?姝ラ锛?br />8. 鍏徃鍚勭娲诲姩鐨勮寖鍥达紱
9. 缁勭粐銆佺粨鏋勩?涓庡瓙鍏徃鐨勫叧绯伙紱
10. 缁勭粐鎸囨尌绯荤粺锛?br />11. 涓昏缁忕悊浜哄憳鐨勬儏鍐碉紱
12. 鍚勫洟浣撲箣闂寸殑鍏崇郴銆佹湡鏈涘拰娲诲姩銆?br />
涓昏鏀跨瓥鍜岃繃绋嬩粙缁?br />1. 鎶ュ伩锛?br />2. 鍔犵彮鍒跺害锛?br />3. 杞彮鍒讹紱
4. 鎵g暀锛?br />5. 鎶樻墸锛?br />6. 宸ヨ祫棰勬敮锛?br />7. 宸ヤ綔璐圭敤鎶ラ攢锛?br />8. 宸ヨ祫鐜囧強宸ヨ祫鑼冨洿锛?br />9. 鑺傛棩宸ヨ祫锛?br />10. 浠樿柂鏂瑰紡锛?br />11. 璐拱鍐呴儴澶勭悊浜у搧鐨勭壒鏉冿紱
12. 鍚戣捶娆鹃儴闂ㄩ敊璐凤紱
13. 绾崇◣鏂规硶銆?br />
1. 淇濋櫓閲戯紱
2. 浜哄淇濋櫓锛?br />3. 宸ヤ汉濂栧姳锛?br />4. 鐥呫?浜嬪亣锛?br />5. 閫?紤璁″垝鍙婁紭寰咃紱
6. 椤鹃棶鏈嶅姟锛?br />7. 鍖荤枟鍙婂彛鑵斾繚闄╋紱
8. 娈嬬柧淇濋櫓锛?br />9. 鑺傘?鍋囨棩(濡傦紝鍥藉銆佸畻鏁欑殑鑺傛棩銆佺敓鏃? 锛?br />10. 鍐嶈亴鍩硅鏈轰細锛?br />11. 鑷姪椁愬巺銆?br />


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