Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good experience to play top-secret Lianliankan

Only the article dedicated to those who love Lianliankan friends, if interested, will certainly help you.

2 years ago into Lianliankan this circle, like most people, play time is not how like impatient ~ results.

So tell you my experience to those friends who had just started.

If you are new, the most important thing is your hands and eyes. Before the foundation is a good mouse. Hand is crucial in determining the outcome of the tool. First, hands must be relaxed, that is not too tight. Hand relaxed, action naturally flexible and easy to control. Would you like a prospective, novice because of panic and some points are not allowed, could have won it, it would greatly reduce your winning percentage. Second, is the eyes, the eyes are the bridge connecting the brain and the hand organ, a pair of points in the hand when the eyes must look for the next pair, so as to increase speed. If the beginning of the accuracy can not be done, as long as diligently practiced, will tell you the current level increased. Finaly, is to maintain the peace of mind, lose it does not matter, the key is to gain experience, to play more, you will naturally win.

Also, if your opponent's level is much higher than you, better not play with them, because most of all by their effort as a bonus. If you sign with the same opponents, and do not act recklessly, because it may be to open the number of new master.

The most important thing is that some people are not high moral character, like to use plug-in, do not be angry, and do not mingled them to go.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unix's "new life"

Unix was born nearly 40 years, after a long evolution process, the current aging of the state of Unix did not show (this from the current Unix server revenue and profit margins can be confirmed), but in the face of Linux and the dual pressure of Windows, Unix really be a challenge.

So, in the eyes of users and the industry, and now the true status of Unix How, it has the advantages of new technology which the three commercial versions of Unix development prospects and how?

In 1969, when Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie Bell Telephone Laboratories in the United States prepared a prototype of a time when Unix core, perhaps not think they invented the small things that will remain after 37 years as the industry's leading operating systems - even Unix The intent is to ironically named MULTICS (MULTiplexedacerun: yes "> Information and Computing System) operating system, the trail homonym, not a good idea neatly from the name easy to remember.

Many industry insiders believe, Unix, under many versions of the family over the past 20 years, the mainstream of the global server operating system, currently still is. And many people believe that at least the next 5 years, it still is.

Of course, there pessimism, for example, a recent report from the CCW Research said the Unix server in 2007 showed negative growth in China, with Europe and the United States before and after 2003 the trend of the same Unix server market, that is because the closed, high cost and uncertainty resulting decline in the share. Closed is that the existing standards are not unified Unix systems, is a separate closed system. Each company's Unix systems use their own standards, leading to a system they can not be shared with third parties and integration; high cost of investment is very expensive Unix systems. While the Unix security, stability is very good, but because it's expensive price, and only a small number of very substantial funds to get the users application. But the bigger challenge is the current Unix also face great uncertainty. On the one hand, due to Windows, Linux's rapid development and continuous improvement of their performance, is attracting more and more users; the other hand, the major Unix systems Unix giants on their own development strategies are not particularly clear, for Unix- development caused great uncertainty.

Fled by: cost is more important

From the stability of the application in terms of number and additional functions, Unix Linux and Windows is no doubt more than many, many small and medium-scale users, consider not only these three points.

Shijiazhuang Water Supply Company is a classic escape from a Unix user. Two years ago, Shijiazhuang Water Supply Company began to consider re-architecture IT environment, plan the original size of 5 to 6 million users of the applications from the "PC Server + Windows + SQL Server" platform, to be able to carry 60 million users in the size of the platforms. According to the industry practice of fraternal companies, they should use "Minicomputer + Unix + Oracle" platform to achieve. But in the end they chose the four nodes of the "Dawning 4000A cluster + Red Hat Linux Server + Oracle" platform, to carry 60 million users in the size of the billing system, and in September completed the installation. Why make such a choice? Shijiazhuang Water Supply Company of Beating the project leader explained that in more than a year of preliminary research and selection process, their third-party research firm, calculated according to the basic needs of the system implementation from 6000 to 15000 per minute deals (6000 ~ 15000TpmC), found that in addition to traditional solutions, Linux cluster of the program is fully able to realize their needs. The latter's advantages are very obvious, Xiangmu the total cost is their success in the Kong Zhizai more than 160 million (also including storage, SAN network and all the software), Bi Unix programs Jiesheng 40 percent. But Li Huawei, says that he is able to load Linux platform, the user's billing tasks 600,000 still worried, after all in the industry, there is no precedent for reference.

Obviously, for small and medium-scale users, the emphasis on cost indicators over the stability of the business requirements, the stability of the platform even if there is doubt, also willing to take that risk to save 40% of the cost.

In addition to those who fled, the attitude of those who might hesitate more worth pondering. China Construction Bank Information Technology Management Division, a senior engineer will be that although the four countries of CCB used in Unix server line ratio is highest in the North-South business centers and dozens of provincial-level business center core business lines
Systems in, Unix server utilization rate reached 98%, only three kinds of core business systems, mainframe-based platform, and the remaining 2% less than the machine using Windows and Linux. However, he considers that 5 years later, this situation might change a little-Windows in the main business layer applications may not be more, but for Linux clusters, they have begun a technical investigation, if appropriate, will be non-critical business areas for use. His subtext is that if tested, will also promote the main business system. No doubt the attitude of hesitation is considered from the perspective of cost-effective, but obviously the way to achieve a more steady, incremental approach unfolding.

Mentality of the above two users from the research firm's figures also been part of the proof - IDC 2005 in the second quarter of the global server market report, the global server shipments grew 10.9% over the same period last year, while shipments of Unix reduce the amount of shares, but on the contrary, Unix server market revenue grew 2.5%, business users in the Unix server market, spending reached 4.3 billion U.S. dollars.

Product Manager, IBM Systems Technology Division of the Greater China Li Hong analysis of this figure is quite subtlety, combined with her view that this figure is not difficult to understand, Unix server market in the whole volume share of the shrinking income of facts, Unix server users despite the loss, but also a new user, but for now, new users a little more than the loss of customers, but she admits that her grasp on the numbers, 2008 could be a Unix development of inflection point. The volume server market share shrink as the overall growth rate of more than Unix, but not because of Unix shipments fall, in fact, there are increasing; the income ratio increased, it indicates the high-end Unix server market revenue growing rapidly This also reflects the increasing number of users began using virtualization technology that uses low-end Unix server in the server for server consolidation.

Three versions of the measures

IBM on Unix seems to be the most confident enough, because in a recent IDC report, IBM China in the second quarter of 2005, sales of Unix server market, it occupies 48.5% share. IBM eServer p series, general manager of Greater China, said Kang Sok-Xiu, IBM p-series (ie Unix server) will focus on three general direction of development. The first is expanding virtualization technology that virtualization is everywhere. Second, to insist on an open platform for IBM's continued commitment to, Power-based servers will always be open systems such as Unix and Linux platforms, it was established in December of last year's popularity can be seen. Third, IBM will continue to technological innovation in the field of Unix. This is from the p series in the past 15 years, the trajectory of view, has no suspense.

Specific to AIX on, IBM's data, from the original version released since 1990, to August 2004 of AIX 5L v5.3, AIX offer similar to the mainframe environment, reliability, availability and security, also provides system management features and flexible integration with Linux. IBM eServer p5 systems in different partitions on the same system simultaneously support AIX 5L v5.3 and v5.2, or Linux operating system. AIX 5L v5.3 also features a flexible resource model, can help customers measure and record the different mandates the use of system resources, and according to the rules set by the user dynamically allocates processors, micro-partitioning, memory and I / O resources, and even more dynamic balance and allocation of resources between the operating system image.

HP's attitude towards Unix seem even more flexible. China's product manager for HP's enterprise-class server that Pei Hui, HP provides a platform for users to select all, regardless of the server is running Linux, Windows or Unix, or
More high-end mainframe systems, HP can provide, this does not mean HP is not optimistic about HP-UX. Because, indeed, as many users complained, many Unix versions are not compatible because the binary, coupled with an objective of the three commercial versions and the fact that hardware is bound to make an open Unix became the first "not open" a synonym, but Unix shipments shrinking market will increase competition in the market.

For HP-UX versions of updates, Pei Hui said, the current HP use HP-UX 11i HP-UX 10.x series is the replacement version. One HP-UX v11.11 stressed operating environment for software packages and changed its name to 11i, 11i installation package at all bonus 40 to 50 species of enterprise-class server management software and third-party application software (such as the latest of an OpenView These components, IPv6 support, IPSec support, etc.). Pei Hui, also revealed some rough HP-UX 11i v3 and v4 of the R & D direction, he said, v3 version is expected to be released in early 2006, an increase of high-level file system (Advanced File System), the Cluster Manager will be ported to Tru64 HP-UX , the security customization, and SMP systems for efficient use of memory optimization. R & D direction for the future v4 is achieved with self-healing function (Self Healthy) operating system.

The Solaris 10 seems to play more the role of challenger, although the last two years, Sun's Unix server shipments are still leading in the HP and IBM, but it has lost its Unix server revenue in the lead. But the tide seems to Solaris 10 with the eight-core Niagara processor and the new server will be changed before release.

This year in April, Sun announced that from January 31 at the Sun Solaris 10 has been posted on the website within two months, the operating system license in the total number of registered worldwide over 100 million, and during this time, Solaris 10 was founded the 14 world record benchmarks, to improve its application performance is Solaris 9 of 50 times. Specific to Solaris10 update on the performance, Sun's official statistics have 5 of their advantage. One is security, and processes to achieve a user rights management, and includes instruction isolation, Solaris Cryptographic Framework password system and to protect the binary code, library functions, Kernel modules Solaris Secure Execution digital signature; second is workload management , Solaris 10 integrates the Solaris Resource Manager and Container functionality, providing examples of virtual partition of the Solaris environment, improve resource utilization; The third error of the system, Solaris 10 integrated DTrace, can provide real-time video production systems, including the 30,000 applications and operating between the test probe, do not need to install software; its fourth fault management and recovery, Solaris 10 Fault Manager can automatically discover hardware failure, to improve system availability, and fault isolation components; Finally, subscription fees, for Solaris 10 is open source, so there is no license fee, which is used by way of subscription service fees charged, the basic service price is 120 dollars / CPU / year, standard service 240 U.S. dollars / CPU / year, the price even higher than RedHat's Linux Server also low.

As originally planned to release in 2006, configure the new Niagara processor Unix server, Sun has announced that sales in the quarter began. Niagara processor has eight computing cores, each core can support four threads, a total of 32 threads, this is also the most server core and thread chip, its performance is worth the wait.

Trend: virtualization and consolidation

Indeed, Unix server, the largest opportunity lies in the virtualization and server consolidation. And the manufacturers no doubt grasp the trend. Since 2001, IBM's AIX 5L v5.1 on p690 to achieve a static logical partitioning technology (LPAR, down from the mainframe virtualization technology) began, HP and Sun Unix platforms have also developed their own hardware, software, firmware integrated virtual environment, to meet the needs of users of this.

But no doubt the initial static logical partition can not meet the needs of users, because the need to restart the associated LPAR partition, and re-configure the partitions to achieve the redistribution of computing resources, which for the telecommunications and financial industry business system is intolerable. Therefore, IBM at 20
October 2002 release of AIX 5L v5.2 to achieve a dynamic logical partitioning technology (DLPAR), which can be hardware resources (such as processor, memory and I / O slots) from a running logical partition operating system instance move to another district without having to reboot or re-configuration.

Dynamic partitioning technology undoubtedly been the industry customers. Li Hong, said in the IBM user group in China, at least 50% of users have adopted virtualization technologies of different sizes, of which she was impressed that a p690 user in a single system to run the 9 a dynamic logical partitions - This shows the positive attitude of the user.

HP is also on the Unix server consolidation and virtualization advantages of confidence. Enterprise Server Products, China HP server product manager responsible for the kinetic energy, said Wang Di, HP already does such a user to buy kinetic energy server, the logical partition to install Window, Linux and HP-UX three kinds of operating systems and run different levels application, and with the different peak load, dynamic adjustment of computing resources. And his most exciting is that this application does not teach users HP, but the user in the superior unit with the help of implementation. Comparison of 1 ~ 2 years ago, he effortlessly to the users also need to explain what is server consolidation situation illustrates the concept of server consolidation has been spent in China market entry phase.

Terms relative to Windows and Linux, Unix virtualization and consolidation now the advantages are obvious, such as diversity in the platform, the virtual size and the virtual precision. Whether VMware, Microsoft, Intel or other Windows and Linux-based virtualization technology providers, all can not be achieved on the Unix environment, virtual; in size, VMware plans to support only 8-way SMP system, and now the three major Unix vendors support virtual SMP 64; the accuracy, the former can only achieve the minimum configuration of a single CPU resources, while the Unix vendors in general to achieve 1 / X CPU magnitude of the fine-tuning, such as IBM claims can achieve 1 / 100 CPU capacity level of adjustment; HP can achieve 1 / 20 order of magnitude of the adjustment.

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Dominance of the past is our future

鈼?Xie Wen Yan

銆??鎹Unix鏈?鍏夌殑鏃跺?鏄?980骞翠唬鍒濆埌1990骞翠唬涓湡锛屾兂鎯充篃鏄紝閭f椂鍊橪inux杩樻病鍑虹幇锛屽井杞繕鍦ㄥ繖鐫?仛MS-DOS銆乄indows 3.0鍜學indows95锛岃?澶ф満涓婄殑鎿嶄綔绯荤粺鍙堥仴涓嶅彲鍙婏紝浜庢槸鍚勪釜鍟嗕笟鍜岄潪鍟嗕笟鐗堟湰鐨刄nix濡傞洦鍚庢槬绗嬭埇鍐掑嚭锛岃?涓斾笉鍏夋槸鏈嶅姟鍣ㄧ敤锛屾浘缁忓搷褰撳綋鐨凱S/2鍙篃鏄疷nix鏍稿績鐨勶紝杩欐牱绠楁潵锛岄櫎寮?孩鏋佷竴鏃剁殑Netware锛孶nix瀹舵棌搴旇绠楁槸甯傚満涓婁唤棰濇渶澶氱殑銆備笉杩嘦nix浠庤癁鐢熶箣鍒濈殑闅愭偅鈥斺?娌℃湁浜岃繘鍒朵笂鐨刄nix瑙勮寖鈥斺?涔熼殢鐫?悇绉嶇増鏈殑鍑虹幇鑰屽姞鍓э紝鍚勭Unix骞冲彴涓婄殑搴旂敤涓嶅吋瀹逛娇寰楃敤鎴峰紑濮嬫姳鎬ㄣ?


銆??鍦?990骞翠唬涓悗鏈燂紝闅忕潃鏇剧粡鏍囧織鐫??绋冲畾銆佸紑鏀锯?鐨刄nix閫愭笎鍙樻垚浜嗏?涓撴湁绯荤粺鈥濆舰璞′唬瑷?殑鏃跺?锛屾柊涓?唬鎿嶄綔绯荤粺鈥斺?鍒嗗埆鎵撶潃鈥滀究瀹溾?銆佲?寮?斁鈥濇爣蹇楃殑Windows Server瀹舵棌鍜孡inux瀹舵棌鐨勫悇涓増鏈嚭鐜板湪鐢ㄦ埛鐪煎墠銆傝?涓斿競鍦轰唤棰濊秺鏉ヨ秺澶э紝浼间箮鐪熻鍙朥nix鑰屼唬涔嬨?

銆??浣嗗摢鍎块兘寮?斁灏辩湡鐨勫ソ涔堬紵鎴戞兂鏈繀銆傛渶鏄庢樉鐨勪緥瀛愭槸锛屼粠绋冲畾鎬ц?瑷?紝鏈?皝闂殑澶ф満杩滄瘮寮?斁銆佹爣鍑嗙殑Linux Server寮猴紱鍙︿竴涓緥瀛愭槸锛學indows鐨勫紑鍙戠幆澧冨紑鏀炬爣鍑嗭紝浣嗛殢渚夸竴涓紑鍙戣?灏辫兘鐢╒B鎺т欢寮?彂杞欢鐨勫悗鏋滄槸锛岃繛寰蒋涔熻濮斿眻璇达紝钃濆睆涓嶅叏鏄洜涓篧indows鐨凚ug澶氥?


銆??鍥犺?锛屾湭鏉?骞寸殑鏈嶅姟鍣ㄥ競鍦轰笂锛屽簲璇ユ槸澶氱鎿嶄綔绯荤粺骞跺瓨鐨勫眬闈⑩?鈥旂敤鎴锋牴鎹悇绉嶅钩鍙版墍鎿呴暱鐨勫簲鐢ㄣ?绋冲畾鎬х骇鍒拰鎬т环姣旇?鍚勫彇鎵?渶銆?br />
銆??鑷充簬瀛板瀛板皯锛屾垜鎯抽偅骞朵笉閲嶈锛屾垨璁告偍杩樹笉鐭ラ亾锛學inNT鐨勮璁″笀锛屼篃鏄疍EC鐨凾ru64鐨勮璁¤?锛屼篃灏辨槸璇达紝Windows鐨勬湇鍔″櫒瀹舵棌鍜孡inux涓?牱锛屾垨澶氭垨灏戠殑涓嶶nix鏈夌偣琛?紭鍏崇郴銆?br />
鐩稿叧閾炬帴涓?br />

銆??鑷粠1980骞翠唬浠ユ潵锛孶nix瀹舵棌涓殑浼楀鐗堟湰灏遍浠ょ敤鎴峰ご鐤硷紙绗旇?涓嶅畬鍏ㄧ粺璁★紝浠?969骞村埌2004骞达紝鍏辨湁144涓笉鍚岀増鏈殑Unix闂笘锛夆?鈥旈櫎浜嗙‖浠跺钩鍙扮殑鍖哄埆锛岃繕鏈夋敹璐逛笌涓嶆敹璐圭殑鍖哄埆銆傚彂灞曞埌濡備粖锛屾渶璁╀汉璇熺梾鐨勪竴鐐瑰氨鏄紝涓夊ぇ鍟嗕笟Unix鐗堟湰涓庡悇鑷‖浠跺钩鍙颁箣闂寸殑缁戝畾寮忛攢鍞笌鏈嶅姟锛屼篃灏辨槸鍓嶆枃鎵?寚鎽樼殑鈥滃皝闂郴缁熲?銆傚彲鏄紝Unix鍦ㄨ癁鐢熺殑澶?0骞达紝鍙竴鐩存槸鈥滃紑鏀俱?鍏煎銆佹槗鐢ㄢ?鐨勬爣蹇楋紝鐢氳嚦鍦ㄥ緢澶氶摱琛岀敤鎴风溂閲岋紝Unix涓?洿閮芥槸寮?斁绯荤粺鐨勬爣蹇椻?鎬庝箞浼氳繖鏍峰湴浼楄绾风涵锛?br />

銆??鍏跺疄锛岃皟鐮旀満鏋勬墍璋撶殑灏侀棴娌¢敊锛岀敤鎴疯鐨勫紑鏀句篃娌¢敊锛屽彧涓嶈繃浠栦滑閫夊彇鐨勫弬鐓х墿涓嶅悓鑰屽凡銆傝皟鐮旀満鏋勭殑灏侀棴锛屾棤鐤戞槸鐩稿IA鏋舵瀯涓嬬殑PC Server鑰岃█锛岀殑纭紝IA鏋舵瀯鎵撶潃寮?斁銆佹爣鍑嗙殑鏃楀笢鈥斺?浣嗕粩缁嗘兂鎯筹紝鏈?牳蹇冪殑瑕佷欢锛氬鐞嗗櫒鍜屾搷浣滅郴缁熶笉涔熸槸鍙湁涓夈?鍥涘鍘傚晢涔堛?鑰岄摱琛岀敤鎴锋墍璋撶殑寮?斁锛屽垯鏄浉瀵逛簬澶у瀷涓绘満鑰岃█锛屽浜庡鐞嗗櫒銆佹搷浣滅郴缁熴?鍏朵粬绯荤粺杞‖浠朵笌鏈嶅姟閮芥槸涓?鍖呭共鐨勫ぇ鍨嬩富鏈鸿?瑷?紝Unix鏃犵枒鏄潪甯稿紑鏀剧殑绯荤粺銆?br />



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Sunday, October 10, 2010

McWill TD-SCDMA will repeat the mistakes

In 2006, TD-SCDMA finally see the light, but its commercial development experienced by the industry Gully sill still need serious reflection. Is also a subsidiary of Datang Group, the technology, its self-SCDMA research and development of broadband wireless access system - McWiLL the business of being faced with more severe problems.

The development of China's independent intellectual property rights the way the project really gets narrower it? McWiLL on the technical features and market prospects, I think, McWiLL development should address the following issues:

1. Proposed a full assessment of the relevant departments of the McWiLL. Consideration should be given as soon as possible so McWiLL become a new telecommunications technology standards, and strive to obtain recognition and support of ITU.

McWiLL to become a standard does not exist technical obstacles, difficulties come from different sectors of the game and the interests of the concept of adjustment. Xinwei and Datang Mobile with out one, but two completely separate operating companies, this objective to the decision-making sector out of a problem. However, if not objectively identified the development of McWiLL strengths and technical capabilities, but also make China lose an important opportunity for development.

2. To grasp McWiLL and harmonious development of TD-SCDMA relationship.

Objectively speaking, to make McWiLL and harmonious development of TD-SCDMA, lies primarily with the Datang Group. Datang Group is still a lack of a modern high-tech industry group management model, this situation has led to the development of TD-SCDMA struggled, losing the best opportunity for development. Therefore, in China's telecommunications industry entered a new round of development cycle, a subsidiary of Datang Group's "control, card, bundle" must be as soon as possible to "put, Shu, Li", must be the company's management system and operation mode substantive reform.

3.McWiLL of industrial development behind closed doors to break through the bottleneck.

I think if Xinwei trying to become the new telecommunications standard McWiLL and quickly enter the market should set up a special McWiLL business development department, so McWiLL and SCDMA into two divisions, strengthening its focus, fight their characteristics. Should be in the shortest possible time, to understand the telecommunications industry, wireless broadband services in the settlement McWiLL the technical advantages, cost advantages, network security advantages and resource utilization advantages.

4. Must be established and open research and development, business system.

Xinwei biggest problem is that resistance to technical cooperation, joint venture, worried that pot of gold by others must share the company a serious lack of open, competitive, R & D system. If these issues are not resolved, McWiLL business opportunities will be completely lost.

5. Change "government putting corporate singing" for the "market set up the stage for enterprises."

TD-SCDMA and McWiLL has been including the Prime Minister, Ministry of Science, the National Development and Reform Commission's full support of Premier Wen specifically mentioned in the Science and Technology Conference: McWiLL of development is not technical but institutional development issues, market structure issues. Under a competitive market system, McWiLL the only way out is to jump out of a protective umbrella as soon as possible, take the road of the market.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

sysctl command

Normally ... you have it installed, you will not let SNP tools .. still it ....?? telnet
Let's telnet and ftp to the port to shut it ...^^
Unless your server is multi-user ... and people feel more convenient telnet port .. it does not matter to do with friends ..
As for the security part of it to think of ...>__< ..

Ado ...
1. To amend / etc / inetd.conf file

In the front you will see under this part ...
# Ftp stream tcp nowait root / usr / libexec / ftpd ftpd-l
# Telnet stream tcp nowait root / usr / libexec / telnetd telnetd-h

Remove with # that for the sake of this feature ... obviously I will mark it in blue ...

2. Inetd restart

Method 1: # kill -1 `cat / var / run /`
Method Two: # ps ax | more to find inetd-wW .. look at some of its pid then # kill -1 PID
Method 3: # reboot

3. Testing ..
Then use telnet .... Can not you find telnet connect to your computer ...^^

4. Follow-up ..
In case you go back on the ... re-file the # inetd re-run inetd can be removed .. ..

5.inetd.conf new part (new installation)
# SNP 0.91
ptelnet stream tcp nowait root / usr / local / libexec / ptelnetd ptelnetd
prlogin stream tcp nowait root / usr / local / libexec / prlogind prlogind
pftp stream tcp nowait root / usr / local / libexec / pftpd pftd
ppasswd stream tcp nowait root / usr / local / libexec / ppwdd ppwdd
6./etc/service new part (new installation)
# SNP 0.91
ptelnet 970/tcp
prlogin 971/tcp -> If your machine has a firewall, then separated
pftp 972/tcp Please do not forget to use the port to open your Oh ....^^
pftp-data 973/tcp
ppasswd 976/tcp
snp 977/tcp

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why the new emphasis on staff training

The thought of tomorrow will officially report for duty to the company, and Li Yang at heart felt extremely happy. The company is the industry's very powerful "new enterprise", he graduated from prestigious universities to the corporate network center first began his work life. Although his specialty is not computer-related, but marketing, but his great good time on the computer, or in the junior year, he began to help companies develop application programming and software systems. Thought in the final round of interviews, general manager of his appreciation, Li Yang, the certainty that tomorrow will be attracted to them these new college graduates to organize some "wonderful program", such as senior managers met with the congratulations of my colleagues welcome to the Ministry of Personnel of the company's detailed description of the circumstances and complete employee handbooks. Li Yang, some students have to work a half a month, many students are pleased to tell his own company, how enthusiastically accepted the "new man" ... ...

However, the first day to his disappointment.

He first came to the Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Personnel to confirm that Li Yang, the company has been on the phone to tell the network center manager Wang Li Yang came and took him to their jobs. After some time, manager Wang Chen was sent to his assistant, Chen politely held out his hand and said: "You are welcome to join our company! Mr.Wang a hurry can not come, I will arrange some of your things." to the network center, Chen pointed to a paper and office supplies piled the table and said to him: "Your predecessor resigned away few days ago, we have not had time to clear the table, sort it yourself first!"
Finished, Chen proceeded as busy again. To noon, Chen Li Yang to the restaurant with, tell him to do at some of their procedures to the relevant departments, leading a number of office supplies. In the dinner, Li Chen, where small number of cases about the company, lunch with some colleagues in the office, talked for a while, but he was disappointed the company did not do as he thought he was warmly received, attention he .

The next day, Mr.Wang see Li Yang, called him into his office began the task assigned him. When Mr.Wang After much talking, Li Yang was about to remind some of the ideas on their own to talk with him, a phone call came, Li had to return to their computers start thinking ahead to his work, his work is a network creation and maintenance. He knew that he needed to deal with a lot of people, but he did not know who is who, had their own open picture.

On the third day, Li was manager Wang "lesson" a few. Original, manager Wang Li Yang is to send a document to the upstairs of the Finance Department, Li sent later, it went on his own work. After a child, Manager Wang came up and asked him: "to finance it? Who take it?" Li Yang replied: "pay go, is a woman then, she told me there Well put . "Mr.Wang a look of displeasure and said:" to your work, you must report the results to me, you know? "Li Yang said although the lips" got it ", but his face was revealed dissatisfaction with the look. Manager Wang asked what his views, Li Yang is busy covering up said: "Manager Wang taught right, I hope you lot after the guidance!" Li Yang believes that too many of these details over, and their work completed on the line, is simply Manager Wang would like to show this is leading.

These few days, Li Yang, feel better is to think of two other colleagues for their pretty enthusiastic. A girl is their first two alumni, and the other boy is the sort of joke, pretty well to "create" an atmosphere of people. Li Yang They asked: "Can we always received new employees?" Alumni said to him, "the company is this style, the staff gradually adapt themselves gradually into the company." "The company's founder is Several engineering Dr. tricks they think too much is not much use, adaptation on the left, not suited to the leave. Many people left because of the company's pay is not bad! "the boy said to him.

On the weekends, Li about the students out to dinner, talking about his first week of work, Li and looking out at the bright sunshine, a steady stream of vehicles, loss and said: "awful!" ... ...

What is the new employee training and development?

As the case in Li Yang complained: "awful!" Many companies training and development for new staff to do poorly, as many people think: "do not report for work that is! Slowly, employees naturally will be familiar to all, to adapt to all! why the fanfare then what? "the beginning of this chapter, a new employee training and development from concept to explain the new staff training and development.

New employee training and development, also known as pre-job training, pre-vocational education, education into the plant, is an enterprise of the state's employees from an outsider into an enterprise's processes, the staff member from a group into another group process, employees become familiar with and adapt organizational environment and begin preliminary planning his career, positioning their role, began to play to their talents. Successful new employee training and development has gone deep into the employee's behavior and mental level, as opposed to job training for new staff training and development is the beginning of group interaction.

Workplace, employees often pre-education, but a shallow, about his company's culture, policies, procedures and the introduction of it, no amount of new employees, but is distributed to a number of manuals, or in the office with them factory floor or fly and to pocket the ring. In the article at the beginning of the case, the new employee training is considered unnecessary, so that my colleagues have become new employees "into the Secretary of education" subject.

For the graduates, just enter the workplace into the community, they are the same as a piece of paper, different corporate cultures will be a different color and images. Students from a school turned into business people, employees and business if you want to pursue a win-win, companies must pay attention to the new staff training, systematic planning of new employee training. Just graduated from technical colleges and schools, they will face a completely new and unfamiliar environment, and their behavior to the inner experiences and feelings will be some changes, large or small.

For those from another unit into the company's new employees, they want a kind of organizational culture into a different organizational culture. They worry about whether they adapt to new jobs, would be appreciated by their superiors, will get along with colleagues, their company's future prospects and so on.

Of the enterprises, new employees during the transition period first came to be a business enterprise in accordance with their own feelings and how to choose their own performance evaluation to determine whether they should seek the development of the company or as a springboard, and the company's corporate culture, management actions will affect new employees in work attitude, performance, interpersonal relationships.

What new employees will face the problem?

Study found that new employees enter the company will face the beginning of the following three typical problems:

* Groups will be accepted?
Everyone will have such feelings - into a new environment, will be accepted in this small group? Once there was a character of some of the girls within enterprises has just entered the beginning said to me: "In school, students say, work more difficult for people to get along, I saw a lot of magazine articles reflect the work of Interpersonal complex relationship. I am now very worried, do not know my colleagues will not like me, I will be others gossip, my private life would not be unduly interfere with other people.'ve heard, many students work at the beginning are as difficult to get along with my colleagues but for the work. I wish I could luck a little bit! "

Easy to see that only when the girl selling the above concerns completely smoke cloud dispersion, she can be in a happy mood to fully display her talents.

* The company will honor its promises?
Many enterprises in order to be able to attract the best talents in the recruitment pm to good promise, but once the employees into the company, giving rise to a false case, or requiring the employees of the conditions of too much given to employees too little. Guidelines relative to the staff, business history and objectives, the staff is more concerned about their wages, benefits, vacation, development prospects. Only their personal interests are protected, they can psychologically accept the corporate culture into the company's groups, or they would show the negative, even positive, they are also preparing to leave for work experience opportunity and quit.

* How the work environment like?
The working environment here, both said working conditions, location, including the company's relationships, work style. New environment is to attract new, or exclusion rookie? Colleagues will take the initiative to contact with new employees and told them the necessary working knowledge and experience? First job was guiding you? Whether they fully understand their responsibilities? In order to complete the work, they get the necessary equipment or working conditions? The problem is directly related to the evaluation of new employees and impressions of the business.

New employee training and development need

So that new employees get career information necessary to begin to adapt to organizational environment.

Through pre-employment training activities, new employees are familiar with the workplace, understand the rules and regulations and the promotion of enterprise, the standard salary increase, a clear organizational structure of enterprises and development goals, which will help new employees adapt to the new environment.

* Clear job responsibilities, operating procedures to adapt to new career and master certain operating skills, beginning competency.
Through the employee handbook, job descriptions, necessary visits and some skills training, new employees clear their tasks, responsibilities, lines of authority and reporting relationships, adapt to new working processes, the use of some of the work is no longer unfamiliar to help new employees begin to do the job.

* To establish a good relationship, gradually being accepted by certain groups to enhance staff awareness and team spirit.
Communication through participation in the primary game, teamwork courses, set up the new team of staff awareness, but also the old staff and new employees full access finance, mutual exchange, to form a good relationship.

* By a certain attitude and behavior change in integrated campaign to promote the new staff to change its role from an outsider into an enterprise of people.
New employees into the enterprise or from school or from another business to the enterprise, the professional understanding of the concept of leadership, professional life, "rules of the game" and have their own different interpretations. The enterprise's mission to be implemented, in order to make business operations and brand objectives are maintained, enterprises need to own the business philosophy and corporate culture into the conduct of staff and concepts of systems, which enable employees to be Ben's business Zhen Zheng "Corporate people."

* For the recruitment, selection and recruitment, career management and provide feedback.
Through job training, new employee recruitment and selection activities in the "create" the illusion will be exposed to the wrong person in charge or recruitment of cognitive and subjective bias will be confirmed, but new employees will fully demonstrate their overall image and enhance the business understanding of the staff, this will give recruitment, selection and career management information feedback.

New employee training should include the contents of the

In order to develop effective new employee training program, we first check whether your new employee training program content should be included.

* Company Overview
Effective training program for new employees should first comprehensive understanding of the staff, understanding of the company, reduce strangeness, increase intimacy and sense of mission. About both the physical and material conditions, such as work environment, work facilities, but also intangible, such as the company's business processes, business philosophy and so on. In general, the company profiles should include the following information:

1. In the workplace and facilities;
2. Corporate history, mission and vision;
3. Enterprise products, services and work processes;
4. Business customers and market competition status;
5. Corporate organizational structure and an important figure.

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鎵?皳鑱屼笟蹇呭鏄寚鍛樺伐搴旀帉鎻$殑鍦ㄥ叿浣撳伐浣滀腑鐨勫悓浜嬬殑鑱旂粶銆佷笂鍙哥殑绠$悊椋庢牸銆佸繀瑕佺殑淇濆瘑瑕佹眰銆佸叕鍙镐腑鐨勪竴浜涒?琛岃瘽鈥濈瓑銆?br />
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鈼?br />缁欐柊鍛樺伐鍑嗗涓?釜鏁戠敓鍖咃紝閲岄潰鏀句竴浜涗笉钀戒織濂楃殑灏忕帺鎰忥紝浠庝腑涔熷彲浠ュ弽鏄犱紒涓氱殑鏂囧寲鐗硅壊銆備緥濡傦紝鏂板憳宸ョ殑宸ヤ綔鏄负椤惧鎻愪緵鏈嶅姟锛岄【瀹㈠父甯稿彂鐏紝閭d箞鏁戠敓鍖呴噷鍙互瑁呮湁鈥滈偊杩?鐗屽垱鍙创浠ュ鍛樺伐琚【瀹⑩?浼ゅ鈥濇椂浣跨敤锛岃鏈夎?濉炰互澶囧惉鑵讳簡瀵规柟璁茶瘽鏃朵娇鐢紝杩樻湁涓?簺鍐欐湁鈥滄槸鐨勶紝鍏堢敓鈥濇垨鈥滄槸鐨勶紝澶汉鈥濈殑鍗$墖浠ュ浣跨敤銆?br />
鈼?鐢ㄥ叕鍙哥殑鈥滆璇濃?鍐欎竴灏佹杩庝俊閫佺粰鏂板憳宸ャ?褰撲粬浠淇℃椂锛岀粰浠栬В閲婁竴涓嬭繖浜涒?琛岃瘽鈥濈殑鎰忔?銆?br />鈼?br />鑰佸憳宸ヨ嚜鎴戜粙缁嶆椂锛岃浠栦滑鍒楀嚭鍏徃鐙竴鏃犱簩鐨勨?鐗圭偣鈥濇潵銆備緥濡傦紝鏈変汉鍙兘浼氳皥鍒颁竴浣嶅彜鎬殑椤惧锛屾湁浜哄彲鑳借皥鍒版槦鏈熶簲鏄彲浠ヨ韩鐫?究鏈嶇殑涓?ぉ锛屼篃鏈変汉浼氳璧锋瘡骞村湥璇炶妭鑱氶鏃剁殑鈥滄澂鐩樼嫾钘夆?绛夈?涓?竴浠嬬粛瀹屼箣鍚庯紝鏂板憳宸ヤ篃灏辨帉鎻′簡涓?ぇ鍫嗗叧浜庡叕鍙稿拰鍏徃鍛樺伐鐨勪俊鎭?

鏂板憳宸ュ煿璁唴瀹规竻鍗?br />

琛?-2 鏂板憳宸ユ枃浠惰妫?煡娓呭崟
鈼?鏈夊叧鏈伐涓氥?鏈叕鍙告垨鏈亴宸ヤ綔鐨勯噸瑕佹蹇靛拰鏈锛?br />鈼?鏀跨瓥鎵嬪唽鍓湰锛?br />鈼?宸ヤ細鍚堝悓鍓湰锛?br />鈼?宸ヤ綔鐩爣鍙婅鏄庣殑鍓湰锛?br />鈼?鍏徃鍏紤鏃ヨ〃锛?br />鈼?灏忛浼樻儬琛紱
鈼?鍏朵粬琛ㄦ牸鍓湰(濡傚緛鐢ㄨˉ鍋垮拰璐圭敤鎶ラ攢) 锛?br />鈼?鍦ㄨ亴鍩硅鏈轰細琛紱
鈼?淇℃伅鏉ユ簮锛?br />鈼?澶勭悊绱ф?鎯呭喌鍜岄槻姝簨鏁呯殑璇︾粏姝ラ锛?br />鈼?閲嶈鐨勫叕鍙稿唴閮ㄥ垔鐗╃殑鍓湰鏍锋湰锛?br />鈼?閲嶈浜虹墿鍙婇儴闂ㄧ殑鐢佃瘽銆佷綇鍧?紱
鈼?淇濋櫓璁″垝鍓湰銆?br />
琛?-3 鍩硅閮ㄩ棬璐熻矗浜虹殑妫?煡娓呭崟

1. 娆㈣繋璇嶏紱
2. 鍏徃鐨勫垱涓氥?鎴愰暱銆佸彂灞曡秼鍔匡紱
3. 鐩爣銆佷紭鍔垮拰瀛樺湪鐨勯棶棰橈紱
4. 鍏徃鐨勪紶缁熴?涔犳儻銆佽鑼冨拰鏍囧噯锛?br />5. 鍏徃鐨勭壒娈婁娇鍛藉拰鍔熻兘锛?br />6. 浜у搧鍜屾湇鍔★紝涓昏鐢ㄦ埛鎯呭喌锛?br />7. 浜у搧鐢熶骇鍜屽鐢ㄦ埛鎻愪緵鏈嶅姟鐨勬柟寮忋?姝ラ锛?br />8. 鍏徃鍚勭娲诲姩鐨勮寖鍥达紱
9. 缁勭粐銆佺粨鏋勩?涓庡瓙鍏徃鐨勫叧绯伙紱
10. 缁勭粐鎸囨尌绯荤粺锛?br />11. 涓昏缁忕悊浜哄憳鐨勬儏鍐碉紱
12. 鍚勫洟浣撲箣闂寸殑鍏崇郴銆佹湡鏈涘拰娲诲姩銆?br />
涓昏鏀跨瓥鍜岃繃绋嬩粙缁?br />1. 鎶ュ伩锛?br />2. 鍔犵彮鍒跺害锛?br />3. 杞彮鍒讹紱
4. 鎵g暀锛?br />5. 鎶樻墸锛?br />6. 宸ヨ祫棰勬敮锛?br />7. 宸ヤ綔璐圭敤鎶ラ攢锛?br />8. 宸ヨ祫鐜囧強宸ヨ祫鑼冨洿锛?br />9. 鑺傛棩宸ヨ祫锛?br />10. 浠樿柂鏂瑰紡锛?br />11. 璐拱鍐呴儴澶勭悊浜у搧鐨勭壒鏉冿紱
12. 鍚戣捶娆鹃儴闂ㄩ敊璐凤紱
13. 绾崇◣鏂规硶銆?br />
1. 淇濋櫓閲戯紱
2. 浜哄淇濋櫓锛?br />3. 宸ヤ汉濂栧姳锛?br />4. 鐥呫?浜嬪亣锛?br />5. 閫?紤璁″垝鍙婁紭寰咃紱
6. 椤鹃棶鏈嶅姟锛?br />7. 鍖荤枟鍙婂彛鑵斾繚闄╋紱
8. 娈嬬柧淇濋櫓锛?br />9. 鑺傘?鍋囨棩(濡傦紝鍥藉銆佸畻鏁欑殑鑺傛棩銆佺敓鏃? 锛?br />10. 鍐嶈亴鍩硅鏈轰細锛?br />11. 鑷姪椁愬巺銆?br />


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Business is business had to kind

Business is business, any business will go to the operation of enterprises according to market rules, choose their own mode of operation, not a single benefit to the customer sacrifice their development prospects.

Recently, Xiamen scholar Culture Communication Co., Ltd. with playing two big, one look good, one looks bad. Previously, Xiamen scholar minimum cost of 10 million, a blog in the industry made a personal blog ads triggered wide attention, from the discussion and the results are usually advertising or promotional costs 100,000 yuan can not match. To date, companies in Xiamen, the lead scholar, domestic agents to form more than 600 search channels "one stop" service alliance, hoping to confront powerful search operators competing for the search business voice of the industrial chain.

This is a great Hukouduoshi Xiamen scholar suspected. In the industry seems willing to risk universal condemnation Xiamen scholar reason, must have been search operators exploit too powerful, or else who would dare contest of strength with the search engine giants do?

In response, the Alliance's core sponsors, Xiamen scholar Fu De Kun, vice president, said a key aim of the League is to "resist search operators burning bridges-style marketing strategies, competition for Qudao agents the right to speak." Fu De Kun according to the statement, Search operators are generally let an agent to nurture customers, when the agency has grown about 200 customers, the agents then obtained by a client resource, the implementation of direct marketing. Then find a new agent to the reclamation market, so that more and more direct customers, and each one eventually for new agents, "one level to become cannon fodder." Accordingly, the alliance, the slogan is "against the hegemony, refused to capital, create a win-win situation, protect the market."

If you really like the character Dekun say, then the search operators is clearly not kind. However, from the market perspective, search operators, it will also be justifiable, after all, business is business, a company will operate according to market rules Qu companies choose their own mode of operation will not be a single benefit to the customer sacrifice development prospects. The operator chosen marketing strategy is right or wrong, that is another dimension of the problem. It is said that the reason why the search channel business operators greatly dissatisfied, partly because of pre-paid human, material and financial collapse, the other is the search operator does not honor commitments, pricing, policies and services random changes and changes in the agreement did not comply.

However It is curious that, if the search is really on the channel operators have committed to agents, distributors Why the alliance to use legal means rather than in it? In this regard, the author estimated that the so-called carrier is most likely an oral commitment, not writing. If there is no written agreement, the search operator is wearing the most "no kind" hat, and commitment and not law. In other words, operators only to maximize their own interests to pursue, it is beyond reproach in the market.

Of course, the writer whether there is a formal agreement, as the standard to judge right and wrong sides, not the practice of search operators to acknowledge. In fact, from the domestic search market situation and development stage, the operator still can not channel agents. Take Google is, Google's international direct sales approach has been adopted, but to China, or choose a channel agent approach, the current agency in the country has reached as many as seven.

Clearly, operators are still dependent channels in the business strategy when the selection pressure on the search service market development is extremely detrimental, especially in China's search market is still in cultivation period, far from matured. Based on this, some people think that operators are "Banded", "Terra Tragedy."

In my view, the direct way to increase agency search services market is definitely the future of the mainstream, but on the current case, agents should also be the first choice, direct marketing only as a secondary way. Therefore, operators do not violate market rules, even, but the establishment of their own interests above the suffering of the channel business practice nor desirable. The business is on the channel, it should be bought a lesson, the cooperation in the future must consider the risks.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

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